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Landlord Advice

Renting out a property could seem like a simple way to increase your income, but most experienced landlords know that it can be a legal minefield. Aside from your legal obligations relating to the upkeep and maintenance of the property, there are different ways to let the property (assured tenancy or assured shorthold tenancy for example) and problems can arise between landlord and tenant that lead to disputes and complications.

Our aim is to provide clear advice to Landlords regarding tenancy agreements and any related issues, including:

  • the type of agreement most appropriate given your circumstances
  • drawing up the agreement
  • explaining the related legal issues
  • advising you on how to end an agreement
  • providing advice on the type of tenant references to ask for.
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Why do I need Brockbanks?

Our commercial solicitors have the necessary experience and knowledge to assist commercial landlords in a variety of ways, including what to do if a dispute arises (including checking your legal rights, adapting an existing tenancy agreement, or negotiating a solution).

We can also provide guidance if you plan to rent out a mortgaged property.

Please contact us for an appointment.