Lack of Mental Capacity

We appreciate that it can be extremely difficult for everybody concerned when a loved one or person close to you is not able to make decisions for themselves. The legal term for this is “Lack of Mental Capacity”, and people can lose mental capacity in a number of ways;

  • Following a stroke or brain injury
  • As a result of a mental health problem
  • As a result of Dementia
  • As a result of a learning disability
  • As a result of an illness or the treatment for it
  • As a result of substance or alcohol misuse.
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Why do I need Brockbanks?

When someone loses capacity, there are legal safeguards in place to ensure they are protected, and our Solicitors can provide expert guidance and advice on the options available to you and your family.

There are also a number of legal documents (such as Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney or Advance Decisions) that can be prepared in advance to determine what should happen if and when someone loses their Mental Capacity.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment at any of our offices, or your home.