About Scarlett

Although Scarlett now lives in Peebles, her dad is from Maryport and her mum attended a local school.  Scarlett was born in Dubai but was deprived of oxygen which resulted in her having Cerebral Palsy.

What is ABR?

Advanced BioMechanical Rehabilitation (ABR) is a unique, rehabilitative, home based therapy that is primarily used to help children with cerebral palsy. It is a gentle, hands-on treatment that brings about predictable recovery of the muscular skeletal structure and motor function.

ABR uses very slow compressional movements to force the cells in weak parts of the body to reproduce and strengthen. The process works at a much deeper level than physiotherapy and with a lot of work returns bone and muscle to their correct positions; that way reducing then eliminating spastic muscle spasm and pain.

Unlike other therapies, ABR strengthens the body core of the child with cerebral palsy improving the child’s posture and functional abilities. It does this without the need for external support: splints, body suits; harnesses etc. Importantly, ABR does NOT use drugs, surgery or botox and does NOT place the child in forced positions, splints or boots. No drugs, no surgery, no force. (Source: www.abrscotland.com)

Why is fundraising needed?

ABR receives no government funding and is paid by the parents.

The cost is £5,300 per year.  The total Annual Cost includes all foams, towelling, balls and other rolling devices but does not cover the cost of any specialist equipment the client may decide to purchase e.g. special massage table.


Brockbanks Solicitors is delighted to be supporting Scarlett and will be organising various fundraising activities in our offices throughout the next 12 months.

Donations can also be made by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/just4children/scarlettsnextsteps