Separation Agreement

Separating from your spouse can be extremely difficult. At Brockbanks Solicitors, we will help you gain clarity and understanding, with the creation of a separation agreement.

If you are uncertain about your relationship and unclear as to whether or not the difficulties are permanent, we can provide you with a number of options, so that you can make the correct choices for your future. Patient and understanding, we will work with you to understand your circumstances – helping to ensure you make the right decision.

If you decide that separation is the most appropriate course of action, you may want to have agreements recorded in relation to children, property and money in a legal contract. This will ensure that if you or your spouse decides to proceed to divorce, the agreements already made cannot necessarily be easily undone.

We can create an enforceable separation agreement covering a full range of issues, including:

  • Mortgages, rent and bills
  • Debt payments
  • Arrangements for children
  • Maintenance and living expenses
  • The distribution of property and assets
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Why do I need Brockbanks?

Our experienced family law team will advise you on the various options available to you and the implications that they may have.

Whatever your circumstances, we will help you make the right decisions. Sympathetic and understanding, our aim is to deliver a fair separation agreement that works for you and your spouse.

For additional information, or a no obligation chat with an experienced solicitor, please get in touch with us today.

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